Health, Safety & Environment

SACHLO is committed to operate in a manner that reduces the HSE risks to all its stake-holders. It continuously reviews its process and makes improvements that reduce the HSE risks. It tries to protect and conserve the environment and dedicates adequate resources that are required to achieve this goal.

SACHLO invests in equipment that makes workplace safe and reduces risks to the environment. SACHLO will arrange to develop and implement HSE Standards that conform to National / International Standards. It will arrange to impart proper training to its workforce for implementing these standards. All Departmental Heads are responsible to maintain HSE Standards. However, a dedicated HSE Department has been established to facilitate and train the employees in implementing HSE Standards. For this we have NEBOSH Qualified Safety Professional who continuously struggling in imparting best HSE practices at plant.

SACHLO has successfully qualified and received relevant QHSE Certifications like ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 for its facility.

SACHLO complies with all relevant HSE Standards, as required by law.

A continuous review of HSE issues is ensured through HSE audits, Inspection of Housekeeping, conducting QHSE Committee meetings and efforts are made to improve the system.

Health & Safety

SACHLO is exemplary as far as Health and Safety issues are concerned. The Company has standardized itself in line with the National Laws of KSA and requirements of our valuable customers/stakeholders.

A comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Management System is incompliance with revised Standard of OHSAS 18001:2007.

Management has intensively invested in Health and Safety related issues. All manufacturing areas are equipped with Fire Alarm System compatible with NFPA Standards. Keeping in view the safety of employees, different Personal Protective Equipment provided to safe employee from proposed hazards at plant. All Storage Tanks are well equipped with Secondary containments to prevent spillage.

Management is keen to train the employees effectively and efficiently in their respective service areas. The initial focus was to impart training according to local laws requirements, yet to the fact, the existing training programs are over and above these necessities.

An Emergency Response Team has been developed to cater the emergencies at plant. Regular trainings and mock drills are conducted to check the compliance of emergency procedures. The members of ERT remain alert round the clock to fight against any emergency.


Keeping in view the climatic changing scenarios of the World, SACHLO Management is very much concerned to put in their best for the conservation of environment to make this globe a worth living place.

Online monitors have been installed at different locations of the plant to detect the leakage of gases even the minute quantity of leakage can be detected so that necessary arrangements could be carried out to eliminate the impact on environment.

Wastewater treatment plant is installed to treat the wastewater generated from different activities of the plant to reduce the impact on water body. All the parameters are monitored in an in-house sophisticated Laboratory to maintain national standards for wastewater.

To make a contribution in bringing "Green Revolution", plantation has been carried out at plant premises. This plantation is irrigated using sophisticated irrigation system. The Company intends to intensify this exercise at the other areas as soon as the desired results are obtained.

As per the PME requirements regarding the monitoring the air emissions, we regularly monitor the emission sources throughout the facility and reporting same to the authorities to comply the regulations.

All sorts of wastages are segregated from manufacturing processes into recyclables and non-recyclables. The waste is disposed off in an environment friendly manner.