"New Website for Sachlo Saudi Arabia Launched"

We are pleased to announce the launching of new website of SACHLO. The website provide information about the company , various chlorine alkaline products of company. Sachlo has been one of the leading manufacturers of caustic soda , liqufied chlorine , Hydro chloric acid, caustic soda flakes, caustic soda lye and sodium hypo chlorite in saudi arabia and MENA region.

"Achieved 1 Million Safe Man Hours"

We are pleased to announce that SACHLO has achieved a Company safety record of 1 Million Safe Man Hours. This safety milestone could not have been achieved without an enormous amount of hard work and effort by everyone working at SACHLO. There has been an enthusiastic and ongoing safety commitment from management, supervision and all of the workforce to provide continual training; preventative programs; communication of safe work practices; sharing of lessons learned from observations and minor incidents; and good site safety vigilance so that everyone works safely every day.